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About Us

Trust our WBENC-certified firm for Reliable and Experienced Staffing, Recruiting, RPO, and AI Solutions

About Our Company

Reliable & Cost-Efficient WBENC-Certified Staffing, Recruiting, RPO, and AI Solutions driving success through talent acquisition and innovation.

Yablon & Associates is a leading, woman-owned, WBENC certified firm that combines expertise in staffing and recruiting and cutting-edge AI solutions, delivering innovative and effective strategies nationwide.

With a strong presence in the Greater New York Metropolitan area, Miami, Charleston, and Nashville, we excel in providing a unique blend of human expertise and ethical AI solutions. Our unique strengths include:

- Expert candidate sourcing and placement
- Cutting-edge AI solutions
- Proprietary problem-solving approaches
- Progressive recruiting techniques

Our firm's leader, Luda Nodelman, brings a vast experience in technology, recruiting and account management to personally oversee and guide the team's progress, providing continuous strategic direction and ensuring exceptional results.

She is supported by a team of seasoned professionals, each with similar experience, and together they form a formidable leadership team, leveraging their collective expertise to drive innovation, excellence, and success for our clients.

Our unique blend of human expertise and ethical AI solutions guarantees a client experience that is both efficient and responsible.

With Yablon & Associates, you will not spend a lot of time explaining your business to us, because we get it, implicitly. It is our knowledge and our vast, world-wide industry network that allows us to have the right conversations and deliver the right people to your company.

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Luda Nodelman

Founder & CEO
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